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Complete control for every home. Every time.

Facilitate the use of the equipment in your house: lighting, heating, shutters etc. By starting with the home automation “essentials”, you don’t have to go ‘full’ Niko Home Control from day 1, but 1 day you will want to.

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Niko Home Control is the right choice

Niko understands that a building is merely a collection of windows, bricks and bits until it becomes yours. And that it’s only when you’ve added your touch and your personality that it really becomes your home, your office, yours.

We appreciate that everyone has a different idea about what they want their place to be like. And how they want it to work best for them. If you are looking for intuitive and useful technology that works, and want functional rather gadget-inspired equipment, then you can trust Niko to deliver.

Because with Niko, you get complete control for every home, every time.

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Extend later or go big from the start

Start out with a basic installation and add functionalities along the way. Use your smartphone or tablet to stay connected. Rest assured, you won’t need any new wiring in the future if ever you want to add extra services and new functionalities. Even better, evolve at your own pace and budget.

Use modern technologies to your advantage

Get your home to tell you what’s going on, but in a good way. When unwanted visitors turn up at your home for example. Or when your children have returned from school. Or when you want to see how much energy you consume. Connect to your home from anywhere using your smartphone.

You can change your mind

Today a switch may be connected to a light. But tomorrow, you can use that same switch for something else, with no need to rewire. You can even use a switch at the other end of the house to control that garden light you keep forgetting to switch off. Better still configure it so that it turns off automatically.

Niko gives you complete control over your home

Niko Home Control can ensure your home works optimally for you.

The beauty of the Niko ecosystem is that it will grow with you and take on board any new equipment you may acquire, so that in the end you are able to manage your energy, your safety and your well-being perfectly.

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Niko Home Control fits every home

It doesn’t matter what type of home you live in, nor how old it is, nor what sort of electricity system you have ... but if you have electricity, you can:

  • Control all your devices with just one switch - and not worry that your lights (and oven) are still on when you’re away

  • Automatically roll your electric blinds and shades up and down - either at a particular set time or when the weather conditions require it

  • Use voice activation like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to switch and dim lights, activate an alarm and control the temperature
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Niko Home Control evolves, just like you

Make sure that the decisions you take today are also good for tomorrow.

Based on open source technology, Niko Home Control is a future-proof home automation system that can be extended as and when required: when your life situation changes (bigger/smaller family or when you get older), when your budget allows it, or when technology evolves.


Seamless connections to Niko’s partner brands

Open and close your roof and sliding windows. Control your music installation. Manage and operate your heat pump. Keep an eye on your energy consumption. Check and adjust the air quality in your home.

It’s all possible with Niko Home Control.

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Routines are the key

Moods and routines are the centre of your home automation system. They are what makes your Niko home Control system so flexible and useful.

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Discover Niko’s touchswitch

You want your home automation to be easy and quick to use, don’t you?

With Niko’s intuitive control screen, you can manage up to 12 different functions from a single screen.

It is beautifully designed, easy to use and no larger than our single switch.

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Keep your cool, even when your hands are full

If you’re the sort of person who has to juggle multiple things in life like a family, a job, and a home, then Niko Home Control is the perfect solution for you, especially, as it has just got a whole lot easier to handle.

Yes, you can now switch and dim lights, activate an alarm and control the temperature inside your home just by using your voice. This gives you hands-free access to all the major functions in your home.

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Your new digital energy meter needs help

With the new digital energy meter, it is highly beneficial to align your energy consumption to that of your solar panel’s production. Niko Home Control helps you do exactly that.

Niko has a solution that helps you use your own solar energy as efficiently as possible. By aligning your energy consumption and your solar production to each other, and by allowing you to program your energy use and sending you alerts when something is out of the ordinary, you can significantly improve the productivity of your installed solar system.

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