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Detectors for intelligent lighting control

Improve comfort and optimise energy efficiency

To make life simpler, we make buildings smarter. And for Niko, that begins with making our versatile portfolio of motion and presence detectors even better.

  • Better for specifiers and engineers looking for future-proof innovations that add value to their projects,
  • better for installers for whom ease and speed of installation is everything,
  • better for architects and building owners seeking elegant and functional designs,
  • and better for end-users who enjoy new levels of comfort and control.

Indoor and outdoor motion and presence detectors

230 V motion and presence detectors for indoor use
DALI-2 certified motion and presence detectors - Master, secondary/BMS and for heigh ceiling
DALI motion and presence detectors - Stand-alone master, secondary


Motion and presence detectors for KNX systems
230 V motion and presence detectors for outdoor use
Twilight switches, light sensors, motion and presence detectors
Accessories and spare parts for detectors

Not every detector is the same

Lighting control functionalities and use cases

Dali 2 detectors

DALI-2 cost-efficient lighting control

Daylight control detectors

Save energy with the best daylight control on the market

Save energy with Niko detectors

Daylight is important to our well-being


Latest detectors news

Logo Wygwam

Niko establishes a separate division for building automation

At Wygwam, we focus on building automation, sensors, and access control. These areas are rapidly evolving in hardware, software, data management, and applications.

Commissioning Niko detectors

Streamlining the commissioning of detectors

Harvest instant benefits from seamless communication between Niko P40 and M40 detector series, the Niko detector tool app and online portal.


SnapFit sensors are much easier and quicker to install

At the New Aalborg University Hospital, Bravida is installing 2,500 presence detectors with the new SnapFit function from Niko. This saves time, trouble and avoids any errors.

Technical and commercial support for professionals

At the Niko customer service team, we are happy to help you with:

  • questions you may have about one of our products

  • consultancy on project proposals including detectors and lighting control solutions

  • technical issues you might experience when installing our products

  • help and tips on preparing a quotation

  • where to find the information you need for your project
Niko call center

Find an installer

Get advice, the right products and a professional to install them

Online catalogue

Technical product information for your project

Software and apps

Find the software for Niko detectors and lighting control systems.