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Keep your cool when your hands are full

Use voice activation like Alexa or Google to switch and dim lights, activate alarm settings and control the temperature.

The future is here: control your entire house with your voice

All you have to do is ask

Niko Home Control now seamlessly connects with the voice control solutions Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for true, hands-free control of your home’s electrical installation.

Simply say the word and Niko Home Control will do just about anything you ask it.

NHC audio button

Set the right mood in an instant

Expecting friends any minute? Are your hands full with last-minute preparations?
All it takes is a simple utterance to dim lights, switch on outdoor lighting, turn on music and add an extra degree to the thermostat.

With voice control connected to your Niko Home Control system, you can do it all quickly, simply and above all, hands-free.

No more rude awakenings

Need to “encourage” the kids to get out of bed in time for school?

Niko Home Control with voice control saves both your time and your sanity. Just say the word and the kids’ shutters will open and their favourite tracks will start playing automatically. Leaving your hands free for cooking the breakfast that will eventually get them to the table!



Niko home control, huisautomatisering en domotica besturen vanuit de slaapkamer

Alexa by Amazon

Niko Home Control is fully compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

With one or more Amazon Echo smart speakers installed in your home, you can ask Alexa to do anything your Niko Home Control system can do. With Alexa you can control your Niko Home Control installation in French, English and German.

Niko Home Control Alexa

Google Assistant by Google

Do you have a device with Google Assistant installed in your home? Then, you are also able to control your Niko Home Control system via basic voice commands. This is available in Dutch, French, English, German, Danish and Swedish. 
Niko home control, huisautomatisering en domotica besturen met spraakbesturing

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