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4 inventive tips for saving energy, even after Earth Hour

We're using more energy than ever in our homes. This is exactly why Earth Hour, that one hour in the year when everyone turns off their lights, is more important than ever. With Earth Hour, the WWF is aiming to make everyone aware of how much energy we all consume, and the impact of this on the environment. On Saturday 26 March, the day of Earth Hour 2022, the lights will go out in more than 190 countries between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

Will you also enjoy this little moment of darkness to put climate change on the map across the world? Here are a few suggestions from Niko to make sure Earth Hour has a real impact: follow WWF's livestream via #EarthHourLive, plan a fun meal in the dark, polish up on your night photography or write an environmentally-conscious letter to your future self.

Would you like to limit your energy waste to a minimum even after Earth Hour? Discover 4 simple tips for saving energy in your home here!

Tackle your energy bills

A great many electronic devices are running non-stop, while this isn't always necessary. Moreover, there are some devices you might think you've switched off, but they've actually entered standby mode and are still consuming 75% of their energy. A television, for example, may amount to €35 per year in standby consumption. If you're not using a device, just pull out the plug.

Do you want to be 100% certain that your standby consumers are switched off? Niko Home Control gives you an immediate view of where the culprits are hiding. Turn them off with a single click. 

Source https://energy.gov/energysaver/appliances-and-electronics

All-you-can-eat LED lighting

Does your home still have incandescent or halogen lamps? You can replace these with LED lamps, even though your other lamps are still working. The purchase price might be higher, but an LED lamp is 85% more economical than an incandescent lamp and 75% more economical than a halogen lamp.

An LED lamp also lasts far longer than its competitors. That means you don't need to keep on buying new lamps, which again is better for your wallet – and for the environment too! Sounds like a win-win situation, no?

Don't fumble about in the dark

Do you sometimes forget to turn all of the lights off at home? That'll be a thing of the past with Niko Home Control's all-off button. You can put it in a strategic place, such as on your front door. A single press of the button will turn off all your lights, switch off the wall sockets that don't need to be running and turn your heating down.

Niko's motion detectors also offer you maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. The motion sensors will automatically switch the indoor or outdoor lighting on or off when you enter or leave a room or a certain zone. Why make an effort when things can be easy? 

Niko outside detectors

Use your central heating only when and where necessary

Did you know that turning the heating down by just 1° will save 7% energy? With Niko Home Control, you can heat each room in your home only when it's necessary – and you can do that remotely too! Your living room is used at different times than your kitchen or bathroom.

After school, your children might be playing or studying in their bedrooms. With smart zone heating, you can easily save more, without making any effort!

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