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Save energy and reduce your electricity bill with Niko

The world of energy is evolving rapidly. On the supply side, both wind and the sun are being put to good use, while in consumption, more and more homes and cars are 100% powered by electricity. These changes are making it harder for distribution companies to keep the energy mix in balance, which is why it becomes more expensive for the end-user.

A smart automation system like Niko Home Control can really help you optimise your energy efficiency. Besides the many smart energy saving functionalities, you’ll also have insights into how much electricity you consume and produce yourself. On top of that you can automatically match your consumption to your production and spread your usage over the entire day.

Discover several ways to save energy with Niko

Insights into the consumption of your devices, into your total energy consumption and your production of solar energy. Receive smart energy alerts in case of abnormal consumption or overproduction.
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Improve your self-consumption of solar energy by automatically activating appliances or boosting your heat pump when you are producing more solar energy than you are using.
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Automatically optimise your energy efficiency with energy saving routines, like a peak mode that helps you spread your consumption during the day, an all-off button and smart heating control.
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Save energy with strategically placed detectors that only activate the lights and the heating when it is needed. Or save energy by dimming your lights with Niko dimmers, also for LED lights.
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