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Your daily activities automated

There are many routines in your home that can be automated, like switching the lights on and off whenever you enter or leave the house. Discover all the great things you can do when you embrace Niko Home Control.

Setting up routines

Routines can be any combination of functions connected to your Niko Home Control system:

  • turning lights on/off or dimming them

  • turning music on/off or adjusting the volume/track etc.

  • turning heating up/down

  • turning ventilation up/down

  • opening/closing shutters, sun blinds, venetian blinds, garage doors, gates, roof windows etc.
Niko switch child

Some of the most popular routines

These are merely a few examples. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

  • Also known as the “leaving the house” button – it can be located either at the front or back door

    • Switches off all appliances or lights that don’t need to be left on
    • Turns the heating and ventilation down
    • Starts the presence simulation routine
  • For example in the entrance hall

    • Turns on the lights in the entrance hall and the room you first enter
    • Signals that “the children are home” to pre-programmed smartphones
  • For example next to your bed

    • Turns the lights in the entire house on to their maximum brightness (except in the children’s rooms)
    • Turns the music in the living room on
  • For example next to the bed or near the stairway

    • Switches off all appliances and lights that don’t need to be left on during the night
    • Closes all shutters
    • Switches light to pre-programmed ‘low’ level for night time walkabouts, as required
  • For example in the living room or kitchen

    • Switches lights, heating, ventilation, shutters and curtains etc. to a desired (pre-set) level
    • Create routines for any activity you want: e.g. reading, watching TV, dinner party, a romantic evening, working, home alone etc
    • As and when a certain temperature is reached, Niko Home Control will stop your house from getting any hotter by – for example –closing the shutters and blinds, and turning on the ventilation
    • When the sun goes down, all shutters are closed in the living room and kitchen
    • From then on, motion detectors on the driveway will turn the lights on if and when someone approaches
    • And when it’s sunrise again, the shutters go up and the motion detectors are turned off
Isn’t it handy when you don’t need to press the same button ten times a day?


Starting a routine

The most common way of starting a routine is simply pressing a button. But it’s also possible to kick off a routine via the Digital Black, smartphone or tablet. You can even trigger a routine through movement, or when the temperature reaches a certain level.

In short? Your Niko Home Control can react to:

  • the press of a button
  • a predefined temperature
  • movement
  • predefined lighting conditions
  • a timer or a pre-set program
Niko home control, huisautomatisering en domotica met dimmers besturen
It was a logical choice to install a lux meter that controls the sun blinds. Home automation is the obvious choice here.


The “All-off” button is perhaps the best thing of all: you never have that nagging feeling that you’ve left something on.


Control your routines from anywhere

You can control the routines you have configured by pressing a button, but did you know you can also control them on your Niko Home Control touchscreen, and on your smartphone via the Niko Home Control app?

Like that, you can activate them from anywhere.

NHC smart phone domotica

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