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Smart home for small renovations

Niko Home Control for traditional wiring. Make any home smart.

You want a smarter home but don’t want to knock down walls to replace your electrics? No problem! Niko Home Control can be installed on traditional electrical wiring installations. You can replace your existing switches and socket outlets with controls that can wirelessly communicate with each other.  

The system includes a wireless smart hub – that’s the brains of Niko Home Control – as well as connected sockets, switches, motor controls and wireless detectors. You can add more wireless controls when you need them. You can program and control the entire installation via the intuitive Niko Home app on your smartphone.

1. Technical setup

2. Operate your system the way you want to

The Niko Home app

The Niko Home app gives you total control of your home. You can use it to operate all the functions in your home, like lighting, connected appliances, heating, routines and even the access to your front door or gate.

Thanks to the detailed overview of your energy flows, you'll have useful insights into your energy consumption and production

You can also use it for the programming of your installation and to create and control routines, even advanced ones such as presence simulation or solar mode, and change settings or time schedules. 

Niko Home app on iPhone

3. Expand your system

4. How to install Niko Home Control on traditional wiring

Experience what home automation feels like

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