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Go wireless - with your lighting too

Niko wireless switches let you add extra switches in your home to control the same light, and they’ll behave just like the originals.

The battery-free wireless switch for Hue

Niko has launched a wireless dimmer switch that doesn’t require batteries. It can be configured via the Hue app offered by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). This switch lets you operate your Hue lamps individually, in groups or using routines that you’ve previously established. You can stick it or screw it onto any surface.

Niko - Friends of Hue

Philips Hue dimmers and switches

Beautifully-designed wireless controls

Niko has developed a full assortment of wireless switch controls for different lighting system standards, including Hue®, Casambi®, Xicato®, KNX®, Zigbee® and EnOcean®.

As each of these wireless switches are compatible with Niko’s full range of finishing designs including Niko Pure, Niko Intense, and Niko Original, they can fit easily into virtually any décor. Luminaires can now be operated from a distance without any wires or wall breaking.

This makes the switches ideal for glass partitions and contemporary interiors. And because they work using the impulse and kinetic energy of the push button movement, there is zero power consumption… this means no batteries are required, ever. The result is maintenance-free operation for years.

Niko | Wireless standards

Wireless switches

Niko lets you put the wireless switch exactly where you want it, thereby making it easy to control your switches around the house. It means you can leave your lights on in the living area while getting ready for bed, and then switch it off from your bedside. The installation does not require any walls to be broken: just replace the original wall-mounted switch with a connected switch and stick the new wireless switch wherever you want.

You can easily extend a Niko Home Control installation using wireless switches too.

Wireless receivers

To be able to operate roll-down shutters or sun blinds, the only thing you need to do, is add a wireless receiver in the electrical circuit. From then on, you can operate them with the wireless switch you have placed conveniently next to your bed or on the coffee table.

Wireless receivers

Stylish design

What’s it going to be? The neutral colours of Niko Original, the subtle lines of Niko Intense or the ultra-sleek design of Niko Pure? It’s up to you … our smart-looking wireless switches are compatible with all contemporary interiors.

Stylish design

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