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Your home works better with Niko

Everyone has their own idea of what their favourite place should look and feel like. Niko, with its knowledge and expertise, can help you achieve this.

Niko makes your space beautifully functional

Niko understands that a building is merely a collection of windows, bricks and bits until it becomes yours. And that it’s only when you’ve added your touch and your personality that it really becomes your home, your space, yours.

We appreciate that everyone has a different idea about what they want their place to be like. And how they want it to work best for them. If you are looking for intuitive and useful technology that works, see what Niko can do for you. Because with Niko, you get complete control for every home, every time.

  • We make life more comfortable for every type of family
  • We provide clever and relevant solutions for any kind of residential or commercial project
  • We make it easy for installers to implement our solutions
  • We design intuitive products and interfaces

Your home works better with Niko

Create the right atmosphere for every occasion

Niko Home Control can help you create the atmosphere and ambiance you need, when you want it. Activate the most appropriate routine  for the task in hand: regulate the temperature where and when it’s required; adjust the lighting to what you need, and add a soundtrack if you so desire.

It’s easy, as Niko knows how.

Design is in our DNA

We care for your safety

Save energy

The comfort of your own home

Designed for you and your installer

It’s good to know that Niko Home Control is already simple to use, and that we continue to make it easier to set up routines and scenes. But all this wouldn’t be of much use if it weren’t just as easy to install and set up, provided you know what you are doing.

It’s why Niko provides regular training  to installers and has prepared answers to frequently asked questions that installers’ (and consumers’) have here .

Fortunately, it’s also possible for installers to call Niko customer services if they still have questions.

Niko training academy - Niko training for professionals

Smart solutions for building projects

Experience the Niko products yourself

Come to our showroom and experience the benefits of home automation.

Find a professional installer

He or she will offer you technical advice, find the right products for you and install them in your project.

Discover the technical setup of Niko Home Control

Would you like to see how a home automation installation is set up?