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The Niko Home app

The intuitive app to control and configure Niko Home Control

The user-friendly Niko Home app gives you total control of your home, wherever you are. Not only can you use it to manage all the equipment in your home, you can also use it to configure your devices and create useful routines, like presence simulation, all-off and energy saving routines.

The Niko Home app also lets you operate your front door, for example you can talk to visitors and let them in, even when you’re not at home. You can verify your energy consumption and production via the Niko Home app as well. 

Control your home

With the intuitive Niko Home app, you stay in control of your home, whether you are there or not.

It’s not only useful to control all the devices in your home, you can also use it to create your own routines or moods and change settings when you want to.

Niko Home app - iOS

Niko Home app - Android

Niko Home app on iPhone

Monitoring your energy flows

Smart access control

Operate your front door, wherever you are

The Niko Home app also gives you control over your front door. Thanks to a smart videophone at your front door or your gate, you can see visitors on your smartphone, even when you are not there.

You can talk to them and open the door remotely, if you have an electronic lock.

Access control via Niko Home Control

Smart routines make your life easier

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