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  • Casambi®, Xicato®, Sylsmart®, AQSmart® and many other brands offer technology solutions for smart lighting. Smart luminaires and lamps are wirelessly connected to each other via a Bluetooth® Low Energy mesh architecture, and without a gateway.

  • When you want to control Casambi® or Xicato® enabled luminaires wirelessly then use the Niko Bluetooth® battery-free dimmer switch (360-21001).

  • While Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) mesh is an open standard, some smart lighting systems include customized functionalities. This makes specific testing on the Bluetooth® radio interface necessary to ensure full compatibility with the Niko dimmer switch Bluetooth® (360-21001). Special attention must also be made to the on-boarding process with a smartphone app or a control software.

  • The functionalities that can be linked to each of the push button is defined by the smart lighting system during the onboarding process. The Niko dimmer switches are fully configurable and the restrictions with respect to functionalities are set by the smart lighting system and their receivers.

  • The Niko dimmer switch, EnOcean® (360-11001) can be paired with every EnOcean® certified receiver. Contact the vendor or the product webpages of your EnOcean® based system for more information about their supported features and onboarding process.

  • The Niko dimmer switch, KNX®(360-31001), together with the KNX® wireless receiver / media coupler (360-33001) can be configured with every KNX® bus system.

  • The Bluetooth® dimmer switch (360-21001) is typically for room-based applications, with a maximum indoor RF range up to 10 meters. The EnOcean® and KNX® dimmer switches (360-11001 and 360-31001) are typically for building-based applications, with a maximum indoor RF range is up to 30 meters.

  • Verify that the switching module is correctly mounted into the bridge. The arrow icon found on one of the rear labels should face upward.

  • The Niko dimmer switches work without batteries and without a 230 Vac connection. They use kinetic energy. That means that, every time you press the switch, this energy is used to transmit radio telegrams and operate any wireless receiver that is paired with it.

  • Not with a direct interface. The Niko dimmer switches must always be directly connected with their respective RF ecosystem.

  • You can install a Niko dimmer switch in three ways:

  • With dimmer switch variants Bluetooth® (360-21001), EnOcean® (360-11001) and KNX® (360-31001) it is possible to order any color and flush surround plates from the Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original designs.

  • The maximum number of actions that you can assign, and the maximum number of lamps (devices) that you can control with a Niko dimmer switch depend on the smart lighting system.

  • Yes. Niko DALI sensors with EnOcean® interface (350-41680, 350-41780 and 350-41781) can be paired with the Niko dimmer switch EnOcean® via the Niko Detector Tool and the universal IR remote control for smartphone (350-41936).