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Wireless Controls - Can I use the Niko dimmer switches in Niko Home Control Installations?

Not with a direct interface. The Niko dimmer switches must always be directly connected with their respective RF ecosystem.

The onboarding of the Niko dimmer switch Bluetooth® (360-21001) shall be done via the Casambi®, Xicato® or related smart lighting system. However, it is possible to link the Niko Home Control DALI 2 addressable module with a Casambi® network via their DALI gateway (CBU-DCS).

The Niko dimmer switch for Hue (xxx-91004) must be connected with a Philips Hue bridge V2. The Niko dimmer switch KNX® (360-31001) shall be configured with the KNX® programming tool and KNX® wireless media coupler (360-33001) when a connection is to be made with a KNX® bus network. When no KNX® bus connection is required (stand-alone KNX® RF system) then the KNX dimmer switch (360-31001) can be configured via the KNX® programming tool (360-39001) and a PC with ETS5 software that is connected to a KNX RF dongle. The Niko dimmer switch EnOcean® (360-11001) has to be paired with an EnOcean® wireless receiver.