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Wireless Controls - What is the maximum RF range of the Niko dimmer switches?

The Bluetooth® dimmer switch (360-21001) is typically for room-based applications, with a maximum indoor RF range up to 10 meters. The EnOcean® and KNX® dimmer switches (360-11001 and 360-31001) are typically for building-based applications, with a maximum indoor RF range is up to 30 meters.

Mind that the maximum RF range depends on the attenuation that the radio waves experience. The factors below are important to consider during the planning phase when installing Niko dimmer switches.

  • The building or room size. Avoid narrow rooms with thick walls. Pay attention to so-called "dead spots" caused by radio reflections from nearby conductive materials, large obstacles, corners.

  • The materials used in the building or room. For example: metallic surfaces or foils, floor heating or rebar in concrete attenuate more the radio waves than plaster, wooden or brick walls.

  • The position of the dimmer switch. Avoid mounting the dimmer switch on the same wall as a receiver, do not locate the switch close to the ground or on a metal plate or moist surface or damp environment.

  • Sources of interferences such. Keep a safe distance from magnets, ferromagnetic materials, RF transmitters such as DECT telephones, cell phones.

Read the online user guides of the Niko dimmer switches for more details.

Be aware that some smart lighting systems such as Casambi® or Xicato® systems can be configured as a mesh-based architecture. This means that you could operate receivers further away from the initial maximum point-to-point RF range.