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Wireless Controls - Can I use Niko dimmer switches with Niko DALI detectors?

Yes. Niko DALI sensors with EnOcean® interface (350-41680, 350-41780 and 350-41781) can be paired with the Niko dimmer switch EnOcean® via the Niko Detector Tool and the universal IR remote control for smartphone (350-41936).

When the detector is ready to pair, a push button must be pressed and is linked to the zone where the detector is located. If the detector flashes green, the two devices are paired. When the detector flashes red, the push button is deleted because it was already connected before.

Both 2-fold and 4-fold push buttons can be configured for switching On/Off or dimming Darker/Brighter. With DALI dimmable luminaries, a short push is switch On/Off and a long push is dim Brighter/Darker.

Niko DALI detectors (350-41680, 350-41780, 350-41781) can be paired with maximum 16 pcs EnOcean® dimmer switches (360-11001).