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Wireless Controls - What functionalities do the Niko dimmer switches support?

The functionalities that can be linked to each of the push button is defined by the smart lighting system during the onboarding process. The Niko dimmer switches are fully configurable and the restrictions with respect to functionalities are set by the smart lighting system and their receivers.

With the Bluetooth®, Zigbee® and EnOcean® dimmer switches you can configure up to 4 actions and a ‘long press’ can be simulated. With the KNX® you can configure up to 6 actions but a ‘long press’ cannot be simulated. Because no telegram is sent when a push button is released, a second push on the button will be needed to stop a dimming or shutter control action. This is also called one button dimming/shutter control.

Most smart lighting systems support actions such as: switch on, switch off, toggle, or dim darker, dim brighter, or select a scene. Depending on the selected smart system you could even configure actions such as: open, close, move shutter up, move shutter down, or even send values in percentage, send values in an angle, send values in 2 bits, or send values in 8 bits. Contact the vendor of your smart system for more information about their supported features and onboarding process.