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Wireless Controls - What controls can Niko offer for Casambi® or Xicato®based smart lighting?

When you want to control Casambi® or Xicato® enabled luminaires wirelessly then use the Niko Bluetooth® battery-free dimmer switch (360-21001). This dimmer switch is also compatible with smart luminaire brands such as Feilo-Sylvania (Sylsmart®), AQForm (AQSmart®), or specific luminaire models or LED drivers from Zumtobel group, OSRAM, Kreon, PSM Lighting, Fagerhult, Helvar (Freedom). Ask your lighting representative for more information.

In case you want to connect the Niko Home Control DALI 2 addressable module (550-00370) to Casambi® networks then this is possible via the Casambi® DALI gateway (CBU-DCS).

In case you want to use Niko 4 or 6-button potential free push buttons (170-40050, 170-401X0, 170-60050, 170-601x0) with Xicato® smart lighting then connect these switches via wires to the Xicato converter XSW-LVC (4/8-button, common anode).