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RGB controller, max. 50 w

The RGB controller will be used to control Niko LED strips with RGB LEDs, up to a maximum capacity of 50 W. In addition to the on/off function, there are two modes that can be selected with an NO push button. Press the NO push button briefly for running through the different modes (on, fade, fixed colour, off), and hold it down for adjusting the speed of the ‘fade’ mode or the intensity of the ‘fixed colour’ mode.

Product details

This product consists of several components. Below you will find an overview of all the component parts.
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Certificaten CE-Marking

RGB controller, 8 - 24 Vdc, max. 50 W

Reference code

The RGB controller can be used to control RGB LED strips with a maximum of 50W (corresponds to 10x 340-00101/340-00102). In addition to the ON/OFF function, there are 2 modes available which can be accessed using an N.O. push button.

Specification description

RGB controller, 8 - 24 Vdc, max. 50 W

RGB controller suitable for colour control of RGB LED strips operating on a supply voltage of 8-24 VDC. Maximum load 50 W. Modes; next to switching ON/OFF, you can go through an automatic colour cycle (fade) or select a fixed colour. In “fixed colour” mode, white light is also selectable; in mode “fade” the speed is adjustable between 5 s and 4 h to go through the entire loop.

Operation by means of an NO push button; short press to select mode; ON (on solid colour) – fade – OFF; long press to change the set colour (mode “solid colour”) or adjust the speed (mode “fade”). Both settings are stored in memory.

  • Marking: CE

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