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RGB controller, 8 - 24 Vdc, max. 50 W

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The RGB controller can be used to control RGB LED strips with a maximum of 50W (corresponds to 10x 340-00101/340-00102). In addition to the ON/OFF function, there are 2 modes available which can be accessed using an N.O. push button.

Specification description

RGB controller, 8 - 24 Vdc, max. 50 W

RGB controller suitable for colour control of RGB LED strips operating on a supply voltage of 8-24 VDC. Maximum load 50 W. Modes; next to switching ON/OFF, you can go through an automatic colour cycle (fade) or select a fixed colour. In “fixed colour” mode, white light is also selectable; in mode “fade” the speed is adjustable between 5 s and 4 h to go through the entire loop.

Operation by means of an NO push button; short press to select mode; ON (on solid colour) – fade – OFF; long press to change the set colour (mode “solid colour”) or adjust the speed (mode “fade”). Both settings are stored in memory.

  • Marking: CE
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