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Switches and sockets

Light up your home with light switches and sockets

Switches and sockets are by and large taken for granted in a home. In fact, most people don’t even think about them even though they use them on a daily basis. Today, with advances in technology, they are worth another look, as there are many new possibilities.

Besides its vast choice of traditional switches and sockets that turn lights on/off and power up appliances, Niko also has an extensive range that includes new technology and offers new functions, making them an invaluable addition to the modern home. For example, you can now include data solutions and dimmers in your home, and take electricity outside into places where it might be wetter. You can even install switches that work wirelessly, and control them, if required, via your smartphone.


From traditional to connected sockets and outlets equipped with the right media connection
Find the right switch to control your lighting, shutters, curtains, etc.
Niko Hydro outdoor switches & sockets
Many functions to control from one location? Would you like to go smart? Control up to 12 functions with the Digital black.
Intelligent design with Belgian flair and craftsmanship
Intelligent design with Belgian flair and craftsmanship

A design that fits your interior

Three design ranges

Niko’s extensive range of switches and sockets, including dimmers, data-connections and home automation controls are available in three different design ranges: 

  • Niko Pure
  • Niko Intense
  • Niko Original.

And because Niko switches are made up of two parts: a central plate and a finishing set, you can mix and match them to create a perfect look.

Niko switches in various colours and finishes

Let's go outside

Outdoor switches and sockets

Want lighting and electricity on your terrace or in your garden, or around your swimming pool? Splashproof switches and socket outlets are the only safe option. Niko Hydro, available in grey, black and white, will ensure your sockets and switches remain safe and secure.

Niko Hydro lets you power your laptop, speakers, or phone on the terrace, and your washing machine in the laundry room, and ensures sockets are protected against inclement weather conditions.

Black Niko Hydro switch with water drops

Make it smart

It’s time for connected switches and sockets

Do you want to be able to control your switches and sockets with your smartphone when you’re not home? Or operate them at specific times? Instead of installing classic switches and sockets, you should choose connected versions. On top of that, you’ll also be able to see how much electricity your appliances use.

Want to add switches where you don’t have cables? It’s not a problem. You can expand your smart installation with wireless switches and wireless detectors

Connected socket pen earthing - geconnecteerd stopcontact penaarde

Good to know

Latest news and articles about switches and sockets

New - Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle

Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle

Designer switches designed to stand out


New: battery powered Zigbee switches

Switch to smart


Niko Intense lunar white

With the new Niko Intense lunar white finishing Niko is launching a brilliant white new finishing in the Niko Intense range

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