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Niko finishings and faceplates for switches and sockets

Timeless & sustainable design for every interior

The sleek shapes and refined details of our switching material are your perfect partners in making a design statement at all times. Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original finishings offer elegant solutions for every interior style. You choose the range that best matches your style and combine the different colours and finishes to your heart's desire.

Would you like to replace the finishing of your existing switches or sockets yourself? Then click here.

Would you like to have more information regarding the specific RAL and NCS colors of our finishings? RAL kleuren - colours  Check this overview

Your home, your style

Whether your style leans towards contemporary, retro, or industrial, you aim for seamless integration of socket outlets, switches, media connections, and other functionalities with your interior décor.

That’s why we provide different ranges of finishings to match your preferences perfectly. Whether you prefer the gentle curves of Niko Intense, the refined elegance of Niko Pure, or the blend of retro and contemporary aesthetics found in Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle, you have the freedom to choose the design that best suits your taste

white faceplates

Niko Pure

Niko Pure is an ultra-sleek range that focuses on refined design. Manufactured in exclusive materials such as stainless steel, Bakelite and aluminium.

A collection of products perfectly suited for those who love a timeless, minimalist design & subtle details.

Colour Code:Faceplate: 241-xxxxxFinishing set: 101-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 154-xxxxxFinishing set: 154-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 166-xxxxxFinishing set: 157-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 227-xxxxxFinishing set: 221-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 155-xxxxxFinishing set: 122-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 150-xxxxxFinishing set: 122-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 156-xxxxxFinishing set: 122-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 226-xxxxxFinishing set: 220-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 224-xxxxxFinishing set: 161-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 161-xxxxxFinishing set: 161-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 242-xxxxxFinishing set: 200-xxxxx
Colour Code:Faceplate: 200-xxxxxFinishing set: 200-xxxxx

Niko Intense

Niko Intense is a range that exudes intensity. With these switches, you are choosing a distinctly warm character.

The straight-lined contours combined with the subtly curved front perfectly complement a contemporary interior with warm accents.

Colour codes:Faceplate: 131-xxxxxFinishing set: 154-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 120-xxxxxFinishing set: 101-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 121-xxxxxFinishing set: 121-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 123-xxxxxFinishing set: 123-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 124-xxxxxFinishing set: 124-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 122-xxxxxFinishing set: 122-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 130-xxxxxFinishing set: 161-xxxxx

Niko Original

Niko Original: Niko Original is a range of exceptionally soft lines and a gentle colour palette. A discrete presence.

The soft lines and gently contoured shape of the Niko Original design range suit any cosy & modern interior.

Colour codes:Faceplate: 101-xxxxxFinishing set: 101-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 100-xxxxxFinishing set: 100-xxxxx
Colour codes:Faceplate: 102-xxxxxFinishing set: 102-xxxxx

Bakelite® is a registered trademark of Hexion GmbH.

Would you like to replace the finishing of your existing switches or sockets yourself?

In this video, we will show you how you can easily replace the finishing of your existing switches or sockets from the Niko Pure, Niko Intense or Niko Original ranges with another finishing.

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