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Niko Rocker light switch

Niko Rocker

Niko Rocker pays homage to an original Niko design from 1958.
Handcrafted in Belgium and made using today’s technology and materials,
it celebrates authentic, vintage design

Materials and colours

Niko Rocker is characterised by its minimalist design. Both the faceplates and the rocker bar itself are finished in exclusive materials such as aluminium and steel.

The Niko Rocker is currently only available in: Belgium, France and Slovakia

  • alu black brushed

  • alu blue grey brushed

  • alu gold brushed

  • alu grey brushed

  • steel champagne coated

  • steel white coated

Functions and faceplates

Niko Rocker offers the usual on/off, motor control and dimming features. What's more, it can be connected to a Niko Home Control system to activate lights, turn on the ventilation or create the perfect atmosphere in an instant.

  • The mechanisms, with plug-in terminals, are available for several functions: switch, two-pole switch, double-two- way switch, etc. This extensive offer of switches makes the Niko Rocker the perfect choice for a 230 V installation. On top of that, the various push-button mechanisms make it easy to add Niko Rocker in any installation using 24 V or 230 V switches.

  • Niko Rocker faceplates are available for single and double switch functions and offered in single or twofold versions.

  • Niko Rocker integrates smoothly in a Niko Home Control installation on bus wiring.
    When combined with the newly developed push-button interface with feedback LEDs and comfort sensors you can upgrade your entire Niko Home Control bus experience. Now that’s beautifully smart!

Features and installation

  • The Niko Rocker features a high-quality core that has been specifically developed for this new switch interaction. It is built upon Niko’s proven switch technology, but varies slightly, as the mechanism is moved 8 mm further back in relation to the metal frame.

    As these new mechanisms are built upon the highly reliable Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original mechanisms, you can be confident about their quality and longevity.

  • Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle are crafted from the same premium brushed aluminum and coated steel featured in our Niko Pure range. This means you can seamlessly combine Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle switches with Niko Pure sockets, data connections, USB chargers, and more.

    Niko Rocker combine with Niko Pure

    For optimal integration, Niko recommends a centre-to-centre distance of approximately 103 mm for flush-mounting boxes, resulting in a sleek spacing of approximately 20 mm between faceplates.

    center distance - Niko Rocker - Niko Pure

  • Socket for Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle

    Later in 2024, Niko will complete its premium range with sockets in the same high-quality finish as the Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle switches. These sockets will come in single, twofold and threefold versions, available both horizontally and vertically.

    Socket for Niko Rocker and Toggle

Niko Rocker & Niko Toggle

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The Niko Rocker and Niko Toggle are currently only available in: Belgium, France and Slovakia

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