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Niko Digital black

You want home automation to be easy and quick to use, don’t you? With Niko’s intuitive control screen, you manage up to 12 different functions or scenes from a single screen.

The intuitive control screen for every home

Niko Home Control lets you control lighting, heating, ventilation, shutters, blinds and so much more from 1 central place, using a touchscreen, tablet or smartphone. And now you can domesticate your home completely with the Niko Digital black. Turn up to 12 functions on and off in one go! And manage pre-programmed scenes without adjusting your cabling.

8 good reasons the Niko Digital black is for you

  • Digitally control your lighting, heating, roll-down shutters, ventilation and music, as well as your Niko Home Control routines from just one screen
  • Manage up to 12 controls or routines
  • Screen is no larger than a switch
  • Configure with your smartphone, without installer
  • Intuitive control in one movement thanks to the proximity sensor
  • High-quality, light adaptive control screen
  • Super sharp image quality
  • Can be installed in every home
Niko touchswitch

Settings in the app

Set up your settings on your smartphone without the intervention of an installer. It’s that easy.

Download the app and set up your preferences:

  • Choose the control that should appear on the screen first
  • Swap and change the order of the controls
  • Decide how many controls you want to see on the screen at any one time: 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Add and delete controls

Find a professional installer

He or she will offer you technical advice, find the right products for you and install them in your project.

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