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Niko Hydro

Safety and comfort, inside and out

Niko Hydro is a set of switches, data connections and socket outlets that are certified waterproof. By remaining protected and dry, you can enjoy maximum comfort on your terrace, laundry room or around your swimming pool.

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Designed to be safe and look smart

Looking to light your terrace and bring electricity to your garden, laundry room, basement or around your swimming pool? There’s only one-way to go: choose Niko splashproof switches and socket outlets. Not only can they withstand wet weather conditions, and the occasional splash of water, they are smart looking too.

Which means they’ll fit right into your environment and design. It’s the way to be safe near water.

Niko Hydro

Choose from either black or white, or the standard grey

Niko Hydro switches and socket outlets are available in traditional grey, and it’s now also possible to choose two new colours: black or white. In this way, you can choose the colour that works best for your environment and make your sockets and switches as conspicuous or inconspicuous, as you want. It’s up to you.

Niko Hydro black

Now you see it, now you don’t

You can surface mount your Niko Hydro switches and sockets with ease. Or you could consider a more elegant solution, it’s what we call flush-mounted.

Because the mechanism is placed inside your wall, your switching material blends in with the environment even more. Elegant and efficient.

Niko Hydro white

Triple the fun with one surface-mounting box

You can now also combine several switches and sockets — up to 3 in one box. This is especially useful if you have several appliances running at the same time … The entire unit is guaranteed splashproof. With the 3-fold surface-mounting box, Niko makes it even easier to add as many functions as you need.

Niko Hydro 3 vertical

Entertain in your garden

With Niko, it’s easy to connect hi-fi speakers, an internet and/or a TV connection on the terrace. Take the inside outdoors … with Niko Hydro, your electric connections are protected against all weather conditions so you can enjoy maximum comfort safely.

Niko Hydro outdoor

Plug-in installation makes it easy

All Niko Hydro switches and socket outlets are available with either screw or plug-in terminals. Choose the one you prefer, especially as plug-in terminals will save you time and effort, and have the same price as the screw terminal range of products.


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