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Insights into your energy consumption and production

The first step to good energy management is to be well informed as to how much electricity you use and/or produce. Niko Home Control gives you detailed insights into where your energy comes from and what it is used for, and then uses this data to optimise your energy efficiency.

Measure your energy consumption

Niko Home Control informs you of your electricity, gas and water consumption. You can choose to view real-time insights or have an overview of the past days, weeks or months. You can even monitor the energy consumption of specific devices in your home to identify less energy-efficient devices or trace potential problems. With the user-friendly Niko Home app it is easy to interpret the detailed data.

Measure your energy production

While knowing - and managing - your energy consumption is important, it’s equally vital to have a good understanding of how much electricity your solar panels produce, if you have them.

Smart energy notifications

Having insights into your energy consumption and production is important, but what if you don’t want to consult these insights all the time? With Niko Home Control you don’t have to, as it monitors your energy flows for you.

If you are at home, you can manually start appliances such as the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, but if you are not, you can arrange for Niko Home Control to do this for you. The solar mode routine of Niko Home Control ensures connected devices are automatically activated when there is overproduction of solar energy. This increases self-consumption and reduces your distribution costs.

About solar mode

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