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The Niko Home Control solar mode

Automatically increase your self-consumption of solar energy

If you have solar panels, you’ll want to use this self-generated energy as much as possible. On average, only 30% of generated solar energy is used immediately while the remaining 70% is injected back into the grid. The solar mode can help you increase your self-consumption, while also reducing your dependence on the grid.

Self-consumption refers to the consumption of energy you obtain directly from your solar panels and therefore not from the electricity grid. It is important you try and use as much of your self-generated energy as possible, as you pay absolutely no distribution costs for the energy generated yourself

Increase your self-consumption via solar mode

With Niko Home Control solar mode, you can make the most efficient use of your self-generated solar energy. Solar mode activates your connected appliances automatically when sufficient solar energy is available, even if you’re not home.

The solar mode comes in handy when…

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