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Streamlining the commissioning of Niko ceiling detectors

Harvest instant benefits from seamless communication between Niko P40 and M40 detector series, the Niko detector tool app and online portal

Traditionally, installing and commissioning detectors has often been a slow and painstaking task, requiring precision, careful calibration and setup. Niko has streamlined and simplified the commissioning process, making it intuitive and easy, saving you both time and money by getting the job done correctly right away. Niko’s detector tool app – available for free on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) – makes the commissioning of new detectors easy and virtually automatic, as it is done via 2-way Bluetooth® communication without the need for an internet connection on site.

Download & open the Niko detector tool app

Once you’ve opened the Niko detector tool app, you’ll find that it instantly detects and displays the full list of installed detectors starting with the one closest to you. From there, simply select the detector you wish to configure, and the app will guide you through the configuration process.

And to make life even easier, you can either choose to use one of the templates, the last configuration used, or use the guide in the app wizard to create a new customised configuration.

2-way Bluetooth® communication for faster configuration

The app and detectors communicate with each other wirelessly using 2-way Bluetooth® communication. This means you don’t need any other tools or dongles during the configuration process.

What’s more, the 2-way Bluetooth® communication gives you instant and detailed information on the current detector settings, so you always know what’s going on via the app. This saves time during commissioning, service and maintenance.

Projet Osmose  in Strasbourg PIR detector

Manage via the Niko detector portal

The Niko detector portal is the online tool that makes it easy to manage projects with the P40 and M40 detector series. In the portal you can organise detectors and commissioning information and create project folders for easy preparation, re-use, documentation for customers and sharing with colleagues.

  • The portal allows you to efficiently find the detector configurations used in a project, and to prepare detector configurations that can later be uploaded to the detectors during site commissioning.

  • You can mark a detector’s configuration as a template, so that you can easily reuse it. Configurations created by you, or your colleagues can also be reused elsewhere to commission similar detectors.

  • You can document and organise one or more detector configurations into a project for easy reuse and sharing. Configurations can also be shared with colleagues in real time, so you can work with them to commission large installations or with the building owner for quality assurance.

  • Information about each detector’s configuration and installation in the project is automatically exchanged between the app and the portal. This means you can use it to back up documentation and distribute configuration files. Even better, configurations are accessible, even if a different smartphone is used, or if access to the configurations is required in the portal.

By working seamlessly together, Niko’s P40 and M40 detector series, Niko detector tool app and portal demonstrate how connectivity can revolutionise traditional installation and commissioning procedures and deliver real benefits to customers: faster and easier set-up, real-time feedback, and bulk configuration on site. As technology continues to evolve, Niko will continue to drive efficiency and convenience in all aspects of our working lives.

P40 and M40 detectors

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Detector tool

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