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P40 and M40 detector series

A new, powerful and complete series of detectors to meet all your requirements.

Powerful designs for your project

Our P40 and M40 detector series consist of a complete range of movement and presence detectors. The detectors are equipped with the latest technology and innovative functions that not only offer greater comfort, ease and safety, but are also energy-saving.

The detectors have a contemporary look and a subtle design, so they blend almost seamlessly into the ceiling and are a good fit for any interior. This means you can use a single series for all the detectors in your project, including any combination with:

  • 230V detectors
  • DALI-2 stand-alone detectors
  • DALI-2 BMS detectors

A single, powerful line-up for your whole project

Niko's DALI detectors as part of a complete series of movement and presence detectors with a refined, modern look and a subtle design, that fit perfectly in a range of interiors. This means you can use a single series for all the detectors in your project, including any combination with:

  • 230V detectors
  • DALI-2 detectors
  • DALI-2 BMS detectors – for integration with BMS controllers

Our range of detectors is being continually expanded. The detectors will be available at your wholesaler's shortly.

A sense for functionality

Innovative functions for the world of tomorrow

Dali 2 detectors

DALI-2 cost-efficient lighting control

Daylight control detectors

Save energy with the best daylight control on the market

Save energy with Niko detectors

Daylight is important to our well-being

A sense for performance

Rapid and hassle-free commissioning

Smart and wireless commissioning

Bluetooth® connection to the Niko Detector Tool app

You can quickly and easily put the P40 and M40 detectors into use using the free and user-friendly Niko Detector Tool app. Thanks to two-way Bluetooth® communication, you can quickly put the detectors into use and you will get immediate feedback in the app.

Quick overview with the Niko detector portal

With Niko's cloud-based portal, you can efficiently plan and manage the commissioning of your project, as well as uploading and sharing configuration files with colleagues, or setting out your projects from A to Z.

Commissioning Niko detectors

A sense for easy installation

Simple fitting without tools

A sense for simplicity

Navigate quickly and easily through our new product range

DALI-2 detectors


Stand-alone master
P47 and P48


Secondary BMS
P46 and M46


Detectors for high ceilings

230V detectors


ON/OFF Indoor Master
P42 and M42


ON/OFF Indoor Secondary


Detectors for high ceilings
M41 and M42

A sense for design

A sense for detail plays a major role in Niko's designs. Modern fittings are among the major sources of inspiration for the design of the P40 and M40 detector series.

The subtle design with a decorative ring, available in white and black, is a perfect fit for any interior.

Our detectors have been awarded a gold and bronze A' Design Prize. This prize is awarded for the best performance in the world as regards design, design concepts and design-oriented products.

A sense for collaboration

Support for your projects – before, during and after implementation

We pride ourselves on years of experience in lighting control. We do all we can to offer the best advice and the best service, and of course we want our customer to recommend us to others once the job is done. We attach great importance to long-term relationships with customers.

As a professional partner, we offer you the following:

  • Advice
  • Preparation of project proposals
  • We offer support for BIM and Revit files
  • Installation
  • Configuration and commissioning
  • Technical support
Niko as a partner