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Pieter Peulen installs Niko Home Control with the help of Easykit

Pieter Peulen and Joeri Evers made their home smart using Niko Home Control

Belgian interior and furniture designer Pieter Peulen and his partner Joeri Evers were keen to roll up their sleeves for the smart home installation in their home. Niko Home Control turned out to be the smart solution that they could easily install themselves with the help of an assisted DIY shop and Niko's online programming tool. Incidentally, the system also fitted perfectly within their vision for a minimalist, smart home.

Why opt for Niko?

With an interest in home automation, the couple started their search for the ideal partner. "Niko immediately caught our eye. The design and expandability is what appealed to us in the first place. The fact that Niko is also a Belgian brand definitely added value," Pieter admits. 

A stress-free choice

The choice in favour of Niko Home Control was therefore a no-brainer. "Joeri and I knew from the beginning of the building process that we wanted to do as much of the work as possible ourselves and involve as few parties as possible. As such, we hoped to avoid any unnecessary stress and expenses. So the fact that we could install Niko Home Control ourselves with the help of an assisted DIY shop was a deciding factor."
Niko alu gold switch in hallway

A flawless and independent installation

And so it was! Pieter and Joeri immediately got to work with Easykit. "In the Easykit showroom, we were able to discuss our Niko Home Control plans in detail, before they sketched out everything with all the technical details in mind. Based on this, we received a quote with all the necessary materials, which we were also able to view in the showroom. Afterwards, you collect your stuff and then you can get straight to work."

Niko Home Control's added value

The next steps for Pieter and Joeri's smart home?

With the rental of their home in mind, the couple still dreams of other Niko Home Control add-ons.

Ready for the future

"We hope to connect our digital meter to Niko Home Control soon, so that we have a clear idea about our energy consumption and the surplus solar energy we generate but don't use ourselves.

In addition, we would like to install some connected power sockets so that we can switch on/off the appliances connected to them according to the available solar energy," the couple concludes. 


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