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interior and furniture designer Pieter Peulen works with Niko

Focusing on authenticity with distinctive switches

Interior and furniture designer Pieter Peulen went out in search of his own style by experimenting with colours and materials along with Niko. He plays with several switches and always trusts his gut to make a difference. On top of that, Pieter shares how you too can search for an authentic style in your interior.

Switches with character are what makes a difference

“Styling your interior really is all about the details. That's exactly why it's important to make conscious choices, including when it comes to your switch. The right switch really does make a huge difference to your interior's look & feel. Examine each switch's colours and materials first, before looking to see whether the design matches your home too – that's the only way to create an authentic style. Because the looks of the alu & steel switches aren't all that different, you can combine them and enjoy both styles. You really have to feel an interior!”

Create an authentic style

“Interiors have to live – designing your home is a game you can constantly enjoy. Interior items come and go, and you can embrace that with details like the Niko cover plates. If you want to create a warmer living room, for example, then swap the materials and colours in your switches. It's exactly these kinds of little details that make your house a home.

So don't be afraid to try things out with your switches. Match them to your walls or to your materials, or don't match them at all. Go out in search of your various options and feel your own style. I'll say it again as I'm so convinced of this: you have to feel an interior!”

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