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Profit from an energy subsidy when you install Niko Home Control

Good news for private citizens in Wallonia. The Walloon Government is offering an energy subsidy to partially reimburse the installation of electricity metering and control equipment installed between 1 October 2020 and 31 December 2023.

This means that private citizens who have in the past or are planning to have Niko Home Control products installed – either by themselves or via a professional – are eligible for this energy subsidy. The subsidy covers 40% of your investment with a maximum of €400. 

Read more about the energy subsidy or the products that are eligible for the home automation subsidy.

Use as much self-generated energy as possible

The subsidy is given when you install equipment that helps you optimise your consumption of self-generated energy, for instance the energy generated by solar panels.

With Niko Home Control you not only have insights into your electricity consumption and production, the system also helps you make the most efficient use of your self-generated solar energy, so you end up sending as little as possible back to the electricity grid.

Solar panels on gable roof

Monitor your energy consumption

Another way to save on your energy bill, is to eliminate devices that are consuming too much electricity. With connected sockets, Niko Home Control is able to monitor the consumption of your devices and will easily identify which ones consume too much electricity. Thanks to the smart alerts in the app, you will avoid surprises on your energy bill.

With the smart all-off routine, you can make sure there is no sleep usage of your devices when you are not home. By activating the routine when you leave home or when you go to sleep, you make sure that all the lights are turned off and the devices of your choice as well.

Niko connected socket with open Niko Home application on smartphone

Avoid peaks in your consumption

Besides optimizing your self-consumption, Niko Home Control also helps you better manage your consumption during the day, by guiding your energy flows in a smart way and avoiding peaks in your consumption.

Checking energy consumption on Niko Home app on tablet