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Beat the winter blues with Niko

The days are getting steadily colder, darker and shorter – hardly a cheerful time. Are you worried about the winter blues too? You're not alone. Discover Niko's 5 tips for beating the winter blues here!

Be a ray of sunshine at home

You must have heard it many times: the sun is amazingly important for our general well-being. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which has a major impact on your resilience and mood. There are far fewer hours of daylight in the winter, and that light is less intense too. This makes us gloomy and sleepy.

What now? Either you face the cold to get a good 20 minutes of natural sunlight, or you imitate that light with an artificial source. You can get optical systems full of LED lights whose frequency exactly matches that of sunlight.

When night falls, it is a good idea to switch to scene lighting, so your lighting will match the activity you are performing. With Niko Digital black, you can call up a preset scene and lighting with a simple gesture.

That way, you never have to turn various lamps on and off to find the right balance. The dimmed light allows for sleep hormones to form, so you can be fully at peace.

Improve your sleep quality

Healthy air is crucial for a good night's sleep. Opening a window every now and then is not a bad idea, and houseplants can improve the air quality too. Your best option for a greater impact is an air purifier.

But how do you know whether your air quality is okay? For new build projects, you can connect the new Renson Healthbox 3.0 to Niko Home Control.

This ventilation unit lets you know through Niko Home Control if the air quality and ventilation level in your home are not optimal, at which point the system will even adjust them automatically.

Embrace your morning ritual

All beginnings are difficult, so you might not be looking forward to a new morning routine. And yet, it can do wonders for your inner peace.

Our tip? Let home automation help you out and make it a good deal easier on yourself. You can be woken at the planned time by your favourite music or radio station through the speakers and a soft, warm light, instead of that harsh alarm. And by the time you roll out of bed, the bathroom has been preheated, thanks to the smart thermostat.

You can read what the rest of the day could look like with home automation here.

Keep moving

As we have known for some time, regular exercise is one of the best ways to feel good physically and mentally. So find a walking buddy, plan a regular day at the swimming baths or get your bike out of the rack to tackle the winter blues.

Would you prefer to stay indoors? Home workouts are on the rise and more and more people are investing in their own home gym. This is integrated into an existing room in the home, as not everyone has the space for an exclusive gym room.

How about a quick round in the gym in the morning, before getting straight in the shower? Here too, you can use Niko Home Control's scenes and routines to transform your bathroom into a gym room with the right lighting and the ideal temperature.

Whichever option you choose, exercise gives you a boost of adrenaline, endorphins and oxygen. Read: more energy during the day and a better night's sleep!

Prevent those day-to-day worries

Those little irritations get to you more in the winter. This is why you should give yourself as much peace of mind at home as you can. Technology can provide many advantages here… but there is sometimes a flipside. This could be from stress, including from having to make extra choices, or technophobia. Older generations in particular find the introduction of new devices very stressful.

At Niko, we focus on products that really do offer added value for your home. User-friendly and intuitive products like Niko Home Control.

These kinds of products contribute towards a smart home that feels what you need at that moment, and creates the right scene and peace. A home that provides inner peace, configured the way you want it.

Niko Home Control touch screen

Niko Home Control

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