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Data and media connections

Connect your home to the world with usb, audio, hdmi, .. sockets and connections

The latest media connections

Designed for both private residences and commercial buildings, Niko’s high-quality media connections offer you total flexibility, as they support every type of media connection. It means you can change the function if you want, without new channelling or drilling. This ensures you can have the required solution in your rooms.

A beautiful finish

Niko’s socket outlets can be ‘finished’ like the rest of your installation, as Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original include the socket finishes you want.

  • Manufactured in exclusive materials such as stainless steel, Bakelite and aluminium, Niko Pure is an ultra-sleek range that focuses on refined design.
  • Niko Intense is a range that projects strength. With these switches, you are opting for a distinctly warm character.
  • Offering a discrete presence, Niko Original is a range with soft lines and a gentle colour palette.

Mix and match your faceplate with your favourite finishing set and you’re done.

Niko switches in various colours and finishes

Connect anywhere you like, even outside

With Niko, it’s easy to connect hi-fi speakers, an internet and/or a TV connection on the terrace.

Take the inside outdoors … with Niko Hydro, your electric connections are protected against all weather conditions so you can enjoy maximum comfort safely.

Hydro hoax

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