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Niko home control in the living room

Software upgrade 2.13

New functionalities in Niko Home Control

The original Niko Home Control II launched in November 2017, but since then we have regularly updated the software to add new features and functions. With the latest upgrade, version 2.13, several new functionalities have been added. Read all about the new functionalities and upgrade your software with the Niko Home app.

For more technical and detailed information about the new functionalities, you can consult the online Niko system manual.


A new heating and ventilation partner: Aldes

The functions of your Aldes system are now directly available in your Niko Home app or Digital black. This means you can both control them, and combine them in your routines and actions. The compatible Aldes products are: centralised mechanical exhaust ventilation, heat recovery ventilation, hot water heat pump and heat pump.

With this new partner you can now automatically and simultaneously turn off all your lights and set the ventilation or heating to ‘Away’ mode, or boost your ventilation automatically when you activate ‘Party mode’.


Enable/disable the proximity sensor on Digital black via the Niko Home app

The default setting of the Digital black is that it lights up automatically when you approach the screen. This makes it quick and easy to directly control your default functions. But in some cases, for example if your Digital black is close to an entrance, you might not want it to light up every time someone passes in front of it.

This is why you can now disable the proximity sensor of each individual Digital black. Don’t worry, if you have disabled this proximity functionality, you can still activate your Digital black by simply touching its screen.

Niko Digital black

Niko Home Control

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