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Making the difference with switches

Interior architect & decorator Noémie Meijer about the importance of switches, creating harmony & contrast in your home and her favourite Niko switches.

Switches in your home -  a question of make or break!

“At first glance, switches do not really stand out much, but they are a very defining detail that cannot be ignored. It's not necessarily the great work of art or the prominent armchair that you will notice first, but your choice of switches is hugely influential in its own right. This is amplified by the fact that switches are found throughout the house. So whichever way you look at it, the choice of shape, material and colour will, as a whole, form an essential part of your interior. They can either add value to the style of any room or contrast beautifully with it.”

Take your time and invest in switches

“When people build, renovate or buy, switches are often overlooked. You can always change your switches later, but it is important to spot at an early stage where your connections are, or will be, and how visible they are. This will, after all, determine the choice of switches in terms of colour and style.

Switches as a reflection of the Zeitgeist

Switches have really become a way of unleashing your creativity and expressing yourself. Last year, we all felt like investing more in our homes and interiors to create that feel-good factor. But also in general, switches tend to gain in importance, especially in Belgium.

Belgians love to renovate and take care of their interiors. Switches are, after all, easy to change and there's so much more choice than before. So the first job we do when we restyle or renovate our houses is to change the switches. They are, indeed, an accurate reflection of the spirit of the times.

How do you choose the ideal switch?

It's best to use the colours or style that you already have in your home and decor. So try to replicate an existing colour or style in your switches. You should also think about what function your switch is going to have. In your living room, for example, a lot of people will interact with your switches, so it's definitely worth making a real statement there in terms of design or material.

In the bedroom or landing, you can opt for something more neutral. That's the nice thing about switches; you can make different choices in different rooms or within the same room. Just make sure you don't overdo it and still maintain some balance."

Creating contrast or harmony

It's also wise to consider the effect you want to create with your switches.. Do you want to contrast or rather enhance the harmony in your existing rooms? If you want to contrast, choose a colour or style that adds an extra touch to your interior.

Nevertheless, it's important that something matches or echoes the switch in your interior - whether it's the wood of your table or the golden trim of your frames - in order to maintain a certain consistency. When you go for harmony or ton-sur-ton, you can create that subtle extra through the finish and shape. Dare to play with texture and material!”

Noémie's favourites?

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