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SDG 6 – The best filter from Mother Nature

A filter made of tree bark and bacteria has turned out to be the most efficient way of removing solvents from the enamelling line's air.

Harmful solvents are released when we enamel the flush surround plates for our switches. This is why the air for the enamelling line is first purified before it is released. We do this by means of a biological filter: four containers filled with tree bark with bacteria living on it. The polluted air is blown through the tree bark and the bacteria convert the harmful substances into neutral ones.

Cosy bed of tree bark

In order to maintain good biological housekeeping, the tree bark bed's moisture level must be properly monitored. An automated moisturising system ensures that the conditions are always optimal and that no more water is being used than is necessary. The tree bark itself needs to be replaced every X-number of years. The old tree bark contains no harmful substances and is perfectly compostable.