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Niko office day

About the company

A solid Belgian family business with offices in 10 countries in Europe. We provide solutions that make residential and professional buildings work better.


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What you need to know about us

  • Belgian company with headquarters in Sint-Niklaas
  • Headquarters include production facilities, research and development, sales and customer services
  • Working on the international market with distributors all over the world
  • 10 branches throughout Europe: Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland
  • More than 5,000 products for residential and professional buildings
  • 700+ staff
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Everyday we ask ourselves:
“How can we make your building work better for you?”

Jo De Backer

Jo De Backer

Executive Director Niko Group
Philippe Bonamie

Philippe Bonamie

Patrick Van Steenlandt

Patrick Van Steelandt

VP Strategy
Dirk Wiese

Dirk Wiesé

Filip jan De Pauw

Filip jan Depauw

VP Marketing

Didier Leclercq

VP Operations
Yves De Rycke

Yves Derycke

VP Sales