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Your interior in the rhythm of nature

Could your eyes use a break after a whole day on the laptop and smartphone? Sofie Vertongen's tip: bring the outside in!

How do you get started with a green statement at home? 

Coming home to a green environment provides instant calm. By using botanical elements and natural materials, the boundaries between garden and house fade away, breathing new life into your interior. And who better than Sofie Vertongen – interior designer and manager of The Plant Corner – to help you on your way? "Adding plants to a room instantly creates a totally different atmosphere. When I'm surrounded by greenery in my plant shop or at home, I feel fully at peace. As it happens, we've known for a while that plants improve the air quality, and have a positive impact on your concentration and productivity.

What switches fit with a botanical interior?

How do you connect indoor with outdoor in a single harmonious whole?

“Personally, I always think it's a bit of a shame when there's a sharp dividing line between indoor and outdoor in terms of design. By carrying the same materials and trends through from your home to your garden, you're creating an optical extension of your living area.”

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