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Alu & Steel finishings - aluminium and steel

Niko's distinctive Alu & steel finishings from the Niko Pure range

Two materials with a story, each in their own way. The choice is yours. Will you go for soft aluminium to create warmth or choose stylish steel for a cool look? Niko’s switches with aluminium and steel finishings give you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of styles. You can turn any room at home into a true gem that way.

Authenticity is something everyone looks for in their own way. One of these ways is integrating sustainable materials. People have an ever greater need of a home with an interior style that can be felt and with materials that fit your daily habits.

A comeback for authentic materials such as aluminium and steel is blowing some fresh air through the interior world. This makes it the ideal time to delve into distinctive switches to make your home more authentic.

Alu & steel finishings in the living room

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