Software and apps

As the end user, you have several tools to control, adjust and monitor your energy consumption on your Niko Home Control installation. With the user software you can adjust simple settings such as the names of your rooms, the amount of time a lamp must remain on after you have left the room or the dimming level of your lighting for mood control.

With the energy software you can monitor your electricity, gas and water usage and how much electricity your solar panels produce. And with the Niko Home Control app you control the entire installation through your tablet or smartphone. With the remote control service you can control your home, monitor the energy consumption and follow up on alert messages from anywhere in the world.

For the installer

As the installer you will make use of the programming software. It is user-friendly, intuitive and highly visual. Our online Software Guide will guide you through the installation: you will see how to programme basic functions and scenarios, how to build the cabinet and you can look up specific answers to questions frequently asked by your colleagues.

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