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Software and apps

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Niko Home Control II

In November 2017 Niko launched the Niko Home Control II software.

The programming software design and logic have been made even more clear and user-friendly. From now on the installer as well as the end-user will use the same tool: the installer to programme the installation and the user to make adjustments. Consequently, we offer smarter solutions that require less programming. Please consult the online Niko Home Control System Manual to learn all about the installation and programming. Before starting, consult our FAQ for further information.

We strongly recommend that installers follow Niko Home Control II training before using this new version.

If you download the programming software, the touchscreen software is included to enable you to upgrade the touchscreens 550-20101 and 550-20102. These zip files can be stored on a memory stick to prepare the touchscreens for use in a Niko Home Control II installation (for more information on this procedure, please consult the included README file).

Niko Home Control I (for existing installations only)

Installations programmed before November 2017 do not need to be modified or updated. The 1.x software and apps will continue to be supported and will remain available for the programming and maintenance of existing installations. As from May 2018, new functionality will be available for Niko Home Control II and it can be necessary to upgrade existing installations. This will ensure that existing installations can also benefit from the latest functionality. Programmes created with the first generation software (recognisable by the .nhcp extension) have to be completely recreated with the new software, or have to be (fully or partially) converted to a Niko Home Control II installation with the help of Niko customer services. Further information about this conversion can be obtained from Niko customer services as from the end of June on +32-37789080 of via e-mail (support@niko.eu)


Programming software Niko Home Control II

Software for programming Niko Home Control installations for bus or traditional wiring. The software is user-friendly, intuitive and visually structured. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the Niko website. The software is available for Windows (www.niko.eu/article/550-99102) and Mac (www.niko.eu/article/550-99202). Do you want to upgrade an existing Niko Home Control I installation with this software? Please read our FAQ on the website before upgrading.

Touchscreen upgrade software

Upgrade software to prepare a 2nd (550-20101) or 3rd (550-20102) generation touchscreen for use in a Niko Home Control II installation.

Control app for smartphone or tablet

With this app you can use your smartphone or tablet indoors and outdoors as the central control of your Niko Home Control II installation. Install this app on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. Your connected controller or wireless smart hub and mobile device must both be connected to the internet (via WiFi, 3G, 4G, GPRS) to use the app. You can control all the functionality of your Niko Home Control installation through a modern and user-friendly interface. You can use the app for switching lighting and socket outlets, dimming lighting, controlling roller shutters and sun blinds as well as for activating atmospheres and switching your heating and ventilation. The app also informs you about your home's electricity, gas and water consumption. This app also allows you to answer calls from your external video unit when you're not home. You can see the visitor, talk to them and open your door remotely if necessary. We recommend providing at least one touchscreen on top of the smartphones and/or tablets because a wired device is always more reliable than a mobile one in access control installations. You can download the app for free from the app store or google play store.

Configuration and control app Niko Home

Set up and control your Niko Home Control installation for traditional wiring in a user-friendly way or use this app to control your Niko Home Control installation for bus wiring. Your Niko Home Control installation needs to contain a wireless smart hub (552-00001) or connected controller (550-00003) and has to be connected to the internet. The installation needs to be running Niko Home Control II programming software 2.5.1 (or more recent). You can download the app for free from the app store or google play store. Features: • Set up, configure and control your Niko Home Control installation on traditional wiring • Control your Niko Home Control installation on bus wiring • Add your favourite controls to your Favourites screen. • Receive preconfigured notifications from your installation.

Programming software Niko Home Control I

You program the installation with the programming software. This software is user-friendly, intuitive and very visually structured. Download the free software at www.niko.eu. The software is available both for PC and Mac.

Application for smartphone or tablet

In installations fitted with a connected controller, you can use a smartphone or tablet for central and easy control. This is not possible in installations fitted with the light version of this controller. This application can be installed on an iPhone, an iPad or a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system, thus allowing you to create a central and convenient operation. Through a user-friendly interface the resident controls all functions included in the Niko Home Control installation, such as switching and dimming lights or operating roll-down shutters and gates. The screen also displays details about the electricity, gas and water consumption at any time. The application can be used both indoors within reach of the WiFi network and outdoors via mobile networks such 3G, 4G, GPRS or a WiFi hotspot. Download the app for free from the app store. With the application a smartphone or tablet can be used within the WiFi network as an additional internal video unit in an installation where access control via the external video unit and touchscreen 2 has been activated.

User settings software Niko Home Control I

The Niko Home Control user settings software allows the resident to easily modify himself several preference settings that the installer has programmed, such as • date/time of the installation • location name on the touchscreen • action name • behaviour of inputs, outputs and actions: dimming value, roll-down shutter position, delay time of output, boost time of ventilation … • time automation and time conditions. The software allows the user to back up energy data. The resident can download the software via www.niko.eu. The software is available for PC, Mac and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets (apps can be downloaded for free in the app store).

Access control app Niko Home Control I

This app is an extension of the Niko Home Control app for smartphone or tablet. It allows you to receive calls from your Niko Home Control external video unit at any location. As the user, you can activate this function on your current system. All you have to do, is download the app for free from the app store or Google Play. For installations with access control we recommend installing at least 1 touchscreen (550-20101 or higher), as a wired connection is always stronger than a wireless one. Depending on your installation, you can not only use the app in the home but also from outside the home.

Energy software Niko Home Control I

The energy software gives the resident an overview of the electricity, gas and water consumption as well as the production of photovoltaic solar panels. Depending on the number of measuring modules, the consumption of specific devices or switching circuits is also displayed. The software allows the resident to consult both the current consumption and the history review of consumption and yield. An installation fitted with a connected controller is required to log the measuring data. It is not possible with the light version. He can also monitor the water and gas consumption if a pulse counter is installed. The pulse counter is connected to a gas and/or water meter with a pulse output. Download the free software at www.niko.eu. The software is available for PC and Mac.