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Coloured socket outlet with side earthing and shutters

For emergency power supply (e.g. in hospitals):

- green for e.g. general power supply,

- orange for e.g. power supply of no break networks,

- red for e.g. power supply of data networks.

The base and the finishing set have the same colour.

Product details

Niko has already created this product for you. We have combined several articles into one finished product, which is available in different variations.

Socket outlet with side earthing and shutters, flush-mounting depth 28.5 mm, base and finishing set, plug-in terminals, green

Reference code

Socket outlet with side earthing and shutters. This socket outlet has a flush-mounting depth of 28.5 mm and is equipped with plug-in terminals and screw fixing. Includes finishing set. A faceplate in the colour of your choice must be ordered separately. Finishing colour: green.

  • 197-66915
    Colour green
    Reference code 197-66915
  • 198-66915
    Colour orange
    Reference code 198-66915
  • 199-66915
    Colour red
    Reference code 199-66915

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Single faceplate

Connected switching socket outlet for Niko Home Control with pin earthing and shutters, Zigbee®

The connected switching socket outlet communicates wirelessly with the wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control (552-00001). This device can also be used in a bus wiring installation with the wireless bridge for Niko Home Control (550-00640). In combination with the smart hub or wireless bridge, it can be connected to a wireless switch without additional wiring. Moreover, the plugged-in device can be linked to handy routines such as an all-off/all-on function or calendar functions and controlled remotely via the Niko Home app. In addition, its built-in consumption measurement helps you to save energy as you can consult the plugged-in device’s energy data via the Niko Home app. Use the connected switching socket outlet within the routines ‘peak mode’ and ‘solar mode’ to optimise your energy production and consumption. Note that it can also be used stand-alone as a conventional socket outlet. It is fitted with a standard built-in overtemperature and overcurrent protection to ensure complete safety.

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