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Wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control

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Wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control

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The wireless smart hub for Niko Home Control is the brain of the installation. It allows you to connect all connected devices in your installation to the system. Once you have added them, you can easily control them with your smartphone. With the programming software, you can also add extensive functionalities such as moods, all-off actions or presence simulation. The smart hub always needs to be used in combination with the Niko Home Control programming software.

Specification description

  • Wireless communication: Zigbee 2,4 Ghz, Easywave, Easywave Sharp
  • Communication protocol 1: Niko Easywave – 868,3 MHz
  • Transmission range 1: Max 30 m indoors
  • Communication protocol 2: Zigbee 3.0 – 2.4 GH
  • Transmission range 2: Max 10 m indoors, with mesh networking support for longer range.
  • Communication protocol 3: Niko Easywave Sharp 869,05 MHz
  • Transmission range 3: Max 30 m indoors
  • Mounting: horizontal or vertical mounting on the wall (at a maximum height of 2 m)
  • Maximum power consumption: 6 W
  • Maximum radio frequency power: 2 dBm
  • Input voltage: 5 V via micro USB port + supplied power adapter
  • Ports: RJ45 port, 100 Mbit WAN port, DSMR P1 port
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