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  • “Niko never lets you down” is one of Niko’s non-negotiables. The security and the protection of your personal data are an integral part of our commitment towards our customers and end-users. We at Niko continuously strive to effectively implement all legislation in these fields, to protect what is important to you and your loved ones.

  • It's quicker and easier to program your devices. Niko Home Control II is also smarter, making it easier to provide added value for your customers.

  • Yes. Provided that the installation does not contain any of the following components: first-generation controller ( 550-00001 ), IP interface ( 550-00508 ), gateway ( 550-00580 ), Nikobus Interface ( 550-00505 ), first-generation touchscreen ( 550-20100 )

  • In theory, yes. But we strongly recommend that you switch to Niko Home Control II. Programming Niko Home Control II is quicker and easier, and we will only be developing new functionality for the new platform from now on.

  • No, there is no requirement to do so. Your customers can continue to use their existing Niko Home Control 1.x installation.

  • No. The touchscreen, modules, switches sand all other hardware will remain the same.