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Niko Home Control II - Can I continue to install Niko Home Control 1.x?

No, we only offer Niko Home Control II for new installations now.
Existing Niko Home Control 1.x installations will remain supported, but we strongly recommend that you switch to Niko Home Control II. Programming Niko Home Control II is quicker and easier, and we will only be developing new functionality for the new platform.

The specific Connected controller for NHC 1.x installations (550-00004) is no longer available.
If you need to provide a replacement for an old Connected controller in a NHC 1.x installation, you should use the new Connected Controller for Niko Home Control II (550-00003).
You can upgrade the rest of your existing installation to NHC 2.x using the Niko Home Control programming software.

You can find more information and support on upgrading your installation below:

Information relating to the hardware changes.
Information relating to the software conversion.