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Safti POS Energy with Niko

New Niko POS concept at Safti

DIY store Safti in Wetteren is one of the first stores where Niko has installed its latest POS display. We sounded out Category Manager Nicolas Maere.

Safti has become a household name in Wetteren and beyond: the largest DIY store in East Flanders attracts customers from far beyond the municipal boundaries. So it comes as no surprise that Niko entered into a partnership with Safti to roll out a new POS concept. Aim of the POS concept? Offering the Niko products at the point of sale (POS) in a display that exudes the Niko look & feel and, at the same time, helps customers find their way around the range. We asked Category Manager Nicolas Maere for an initial evaluation. 

Trying things out

Nicolas: "We notice that customers are very positive about the concept. Especially retail customers with little DIY experience appreciate the fact that they can touch the switches and have a go at switching them on and off. You also see that they consult the diagrams to find out exactly which products or solutions they need." 

Of course, an electrical installation remains a very technical matter. "Just think of the dimmers needed to operate LED lights," says Nicolas. "Sounds simple until you're faced with a wall full of dimmers. Then the average DIY enthusiast will at least waver for a moment. On this display, the diagrams indicate which dimmers are suitable, which has a threshold-lowering effect. People dare to have a go themselves. Even though they usually ask a member of staff to confirm what they think is right." 

Better explained

The shop assistants themselves also benefit from the display. "It is a handy tool to refer to," Nicolas confirms. "Using examples, our people can demonstrate what something looks like, how the circuit is put together, what you should look out for. The display makes the explanation tangible and accessible."

Another important advantage: the new POS arrangement is modular and, hence, future-proof. This means that the various modules can be replaced separately so that the latest innovations quickly find their way to the store. "Whenever a new product comes onto the market, it will quickly appear on the shelves here, perfectly integrated in the display. The dimmer switches for the Hue system are a good example of such an addition that happened later."


'Experience' plays an increasingly important role in Safti's store concept. "In that sense, this new POS arrangement perfectly fits into our philosophy," says Nicolas. "There's a panel where customers can see and feel the switches for themselves. Above this are mood photos, showing the products in a homely, stylish environment. We want to place more emphasis on the experience for other brands in the future, too. Niko is clearly a pioneer within its market segment. The downside is that the arrangement takes up more space than a normal display, but in a large store like ours, that's not a problem as long as it adds to the customer's experience. It's important to strike the right balance here."

Niko InStore Safty Point of Sale

But smaller stores can also integrate this POS concept. Niko's customer managers develop a plan tailored to the store where the display will be installed. In doing so, they take maximum account of the available space and the retailer's wishes and concerns.


Due to the exceptional chain of events prompted by the pandemic, it is difficult to quantify the impact the new POS display will have on the sales figures. "We do see a clear increase in sales of the range as a whole, and of Niko products in particular", Nicolas confirms.

Important in this whole experiment: Niko is open to feedback. "One of the questions we have at Safti: can the panel with the switches be raised one row so that we can make extra space for the products? And is the arrangement of the products by type the best arrangement? We are rather in favour of arranging them by colour. That is precisely why it is good that Niko is helping us to think things through. The goal is ultimately to achieve a win-win situation for both parties."

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