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Niko Home Control software upgrade 2.18

For an even better home automation experience

It is Niko’s ambition to continuously raise the bar in home automation. With this new version (2.18) of the Niko Home Control software and our Niko Home app, we offer our users new and improved features for their smart home installation - upgrade now via the Niko Home app.

Discover the new and improved features of Niko Home Control 2.18

  • With peak mode, customers are able to control their consumption by automatically turning off their most energy-consuming devices when a certain peak value is reached. You can now choose between two peak modes: direct or predictive.

    • With direct peak mode, Niko Home Control will control devices based on real-time peaks and act as a fuse protection mechanism.
    • With the new predictive peak mode, devices will be controlled based on the average consumption in 15-minute intervals (the same value that energy providers use to calculate the capacity tariff). On top of that, this mode takes into account the highest month peak so far. If that peak exceeds the previously defined peak value, it will be used as the new default peak value of that month.

    The reactivation delay feature in peak mode has been replaced by a minimum deactivation time of 10 minutes. Devices are re-activated one by one when your energy consumption drops below a pre-configured value. In case a device should be turned off for a longer period, you can configure this via the programming software

  • A solar mode upgrade enables users to set for each device how much excess solar production there has to be before they are activated

  • Solar production insights in the app will now be available for those who don’t measure their consumption. If a Niko Home Control system is connected to an SMA inverter or has measurement clamps or digital inputs for PV production monitoring, it is now possible to visualise solar energy production in the app even if grid metering is not available.

  • Water consumption insights are now available in Niko Home Control, if you have a digital water meter that is connected to a digital electricity meter. This digital electricity meter should be connected to Niko Home Control either via the wireless bridge (for installations on bus wiring) or the wireless smart hub (for installations on traditional wiring).

  • Multizone heating is now supported for equipment from Vaillant, Bulex, Saunier Duval and Protherm, via our partner connections.

  • 6. Notification of incorrect phone settings in the Niko Home app, to avoid that users with a video door station would not be notified of an incoming call due to incorrect smartphone settings for access control.

  • Easier upgrading of installations via the Niko Home app. Users can enjoy a more intuitive experience as one upgrade via the Niko Home app will automatically upgrade their entire system and each individual device in their installation.

  • The number of components per Niko Home Control installation has increased, which makes it now possible to program installations with up to 500 bus devices, including the number of DALI components.

  • Delete multiple configuration files at once in the programming software, instead of deleting them one by one.

  • Energy insights based on euros will now be available in the Niko Home app. This means that users can now choose to have their main overview of energy consumption and production insights based on euros instead of usage. Users can add their energy rates and currency in the Niko Home app, so that the system can give an indication of their energy costs based on their consumption and production data.

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