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Niko Home Control software upgrade 2.16

Software upgrade for a better home automation experience

At Niko, we work hard to offer our customers the best home automation experience with Niko Home Control. We are therefore happy to inform you that a new software upgrade (version 2.16) is available for both the Niko Home Control configuration software and the Niko Home app. Download the latest software version for free and make your Niko Home Control system work even better.

What's new?

  • Establish different user profiles for the Niko home app
    Create different profiles to specify who is allowed to perform particular actions, such as who can make configuration changes, and who may receive calls from a video door station. This way, you can ensure that your children for instance don’t mess around with the configuration of a Niko Home Control installation. Or in a Doctor’s office for example, it’s possible to disable access control for family members of the doctor.

    It’s also now possible to protect profiles with a password or make them accessible without a password. The configuration of profiles is done in the same way as touch profiles are created, via the programming software. 

  • Connect a wireless bridge to a Connected Controller
    This makes it possible to combine Bus wiring and Zigbee® Traditional wiring products into one hybrid Niko Home Control system. This system can then be configured via one programming software and controlled via one Niko Home app.

    This release also enables the wireless bridge to be connected to the P1 port of the digital meter. The result: detailed data about your electricity and gas consumption and extra energy management features. 
  • View energy values in a new lay out on the touchscreen
    You can now view the new layout of your energy values via the Niko Home Control touchscreen. Note however that this view does not include your energy data from before release 2.16. We recommend that if you wish to keep this information, you export historical data (in excel format) via the programming software or the diagnostics page. 

    In a next release, your energy values on a P1 smart meter will become available on the touchscreen as well.
  • Access the diagnostics page more easily 
    A tab has been added to the home screen of the programming software to make the diagnostics page accessible in just one click. This should make it easier to explain to your customers how they can access the diagnostics page, should they wish to.
  • Name a customer’s installation in the Niko Home app
    Instead of the login name, you can now define a name for an installation in the Niko Home app. This is particularly useful if you sometimes need to switch between different accounts.
  • Create more advances time schedules in the programming software
    It’s now possible to repeat an event on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.
  • Add wireless hand-held transmitters and wireless window or door contacts to wireless smart hub installations via the programming software.
  • Addressing API players is performed via the programming software instead of mynikohomecontrol.niko.eu (only needed when API players are used in routines) 
  • The programming software is now also available in Polish
  • One thermostat can control heating and cooling actions
    Use the same thermostat to define temperatures in winter and summer. There is now no need to install 2 separate thermostats anymore. 

Programming software

Discover our software for programming Niko Home Control installations for bus or traditional wiring.

Niko Home app

Set up and control your Niko Home Control installation for traditional wiring in a user-friendly way or use this app to control your Niko Home Control installation for bus wiring.

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