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"Switching and connecting in a safe way is our origin. Over the years, we have continuously evolved towards a more modern electrical installation."


Niko was founded in 1919 by two brothers, Alphonse and Werner De Backer. In their workshops in Sint-Niko-laas, they designed and manufactured switches and socket outlets that quickly won the Belgian market. In 1965 with the luxury switch, the Inter 70, the company brought its first products to the international market.

Today, Niko is led by the third generation of the De Backer family and all the solutions offered by this family-owned business are created to meet the daily needs of its customers. It designs innovative concepts that make life at home and at work flexible and easier. Niko is dedicated to providing well thought-out design and an environmentally friendly approach. To this end, Niko invests heavily in research and development.

The best is yet to come

Jo De Backer remembers his grandfather, Alfons De Backer, and great uncle Werner, the two founders of Niko. He seldom gives TV interviews, but for the 100th anniversary he is prepared to make an exception.

Our Values

We care for people. Be it our customer, the installer, the specifier, the supplier, the end-user or our own people.

What we care about