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Plug-through socket with wireless receiver and side earthing

This plug-through socket equipped with a single-pole switching contact (10 A) has three different modes: classic switching function (on/off), teleruptor and delayed off (7 min, time not adjustable). Wireless transmitters can be connected to this socket.

Product details

This product consists of several components. Below you will find an overview of all the component parts.
Technical datasheets
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Certificaten CE-Marking

RF Plug-through socket UITG. Side earthing, 1-channel, 868MHz

Reference code

Plug-through socket-receiver with side earthing, wirelessly controlled via radio frequency (868.3MHz). Equipped with one switch contact, 10A, 230V 50Hz. Choice of 3 different modes. Maximum of 32 transmitters per receiver.

In combination with the “Niko connected switch” gateway only dual-button control is used.

Specification description

RF Plug-through socket UITG. Side earthing, 1-channel, 868MHz

Plug-through socket-receiver with side earthing, wirelessly controlled via radio frequency (868.3 MHz). Equipped with one switch contact 10A, 230V 50Hz. Choose from 3 different modes. Maximum 32 transmitters per receiver. max. reception range in a building: 30 m; in open field 100 m. Dimensions: 119 x 50 x 75mm. Power supply: 230V 50Hz. Modulation type: FSK. In accordance with Belgian and European legislation: CE marked. This product complies with all applicable European directives and regulations. For radio equipment, Niko nv declares that it complies with Directive 2014/53/EU. May be used in all European member states. Manual is included.

  • Marking: CE

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