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This product consists of several components. Below you will find an overview of all the component parts.
  • Niko Home Control touchscreen

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    This touchscreen allows you to conveniently operate the entire Niko Home Control installation from one central point: switching and dimming the lighting, controlling the temperature, moving roller blinds and sun blinds to the position of your choice, monitoring the energy consumption and the status of the installation … Thanks to a built-in light sensor, the screen brightness adapts to the ambient light.

    Thanks to the connection to the Niko Home Control external video unit, access control is also possible from now on. This way, you can answer incoming calls if you wish, and check missed calls. A feedback LED displays any missed calls, even when the device is in stand-by mode.

    This new touchscreen (550-20102) entirely replaces the touchscreen 2 (550-20101). In an existing Niko Home Control installation, it can both replace and complement this touchscreen. Furthermore, its wired connection to the home network ensures a permanent connection.

    Only one flush-mounting box is needed to mount the touchscreen. You connect the touchscreen with one twisted pair cable (UTP, FTP or STP) to the Power over Ethernet power supply (PoE), which is available separately. Alternatively, you can also place a separate 24V DC power supply in the cabinet. A total of ten touchscreens, smartphone or PC applications can be used per installation.

  • Power supply for touchscreen (not compatible with the 1st generation touchscreen)

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    This Power-over-Ethernet power supply ensures that the touch screen can also be supplied with power via one UTP/STP cable. This offers an alternative to laying a second power supply cable for the touchscreen.

    This power supply is not compatible with the 1st generation Niko Home Control touchscreen (550-20100).

  • Modular power supply 24 V DC

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    This power supply is suitable for powering LEDs and is designed for DIN-rail mounting. It has a power supply of This power supply conforms to the European directive for EMC and safety.

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